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Bog Eyed Books

Publisher of Quality Bog Eyed Wonders

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Bog Eyed Books already had excellent branding and colour palette and had an existing site which needed redevelopment. I created a new site using their branding which focused on the books and authors.

Bog Eyed Books covers of 6 books

Look and feel

The site aims to have a playful feel. Each book has its own custom post layout that displays the book and its information, as well as the author(s).  JavaScript is used to create tabs that allow the user to switch between book and author information.


View of a single book page on the website


Each author has their own custom page which can be accessed from the author landing page.

Authors landing page which lists the authors with their names and images

Book reviews

The ‘Bog Eye’ branding is carried throughout the site, into the reviews provided by readers of the books.

screenshot of the webpage showing user reviews

  • Responsive design
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/WordPress
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Custom post and template design